New Beginnings. New Direction. New World.

Life is calling us to be who we were born to be, to bring our dreams to Life, to act on our highest inspirations. To grow, develop, evolve and share the gifts that we were born to contribute.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of your Life? Join us, the world is waiting for You.

To be our true Self, that is the work ahead of us now, to become our true authentic Self.

The Art of Luminous Living:

  • Art = Create something beautiful
  • Luminous = Full of light (no shadows)
  • Living = Your experience of life

The Art of Luminous Living is a Practical Path for Personal Evolution, Empowerment, and Enlightenment.
Discover your inner strength, courage, and authentic empowerment to awaken, express your true Self and Be luminous.

Now is the time to awaken to the possibilities for self-development, prosperity and the achievement of joy and happiness. We live in a conscious universe where life is consciousness made visible, think of your body as a communication device, clothing for your consciousness.

Are you dancing with the Universe to the music of your soul, or dancing with your shadow?

In a world where nothing is solid we need a new approach to build a world that works for all to THRIVE!

Birthing Divine Humanity

AFT begins with the understanding that we are already divine enlightened beings
but for a variety of reasons we have limited and limiting beliefs that cover up our own enlightened divinity.
This is a beautiful system which will transform your life beautifully.

 “Thank you for being a wonderful facilitator/Teacher on such a huge, complex modality. I so appreciated how you read our body language and guided us through what we need to be doing… jumping off the diving board. Your years of training and simplifying this complex stuff will be so useful to your clients, in a world that is information overload. Thank you too for the little “gratitude” book. First entry will be Lin Oliver’s Luminous Living!! Abundant blessings.” JN

“Your Luminous Living course is an amazing resource. As I continue to study and apply the tools you teach, I have experienced a shift in my life energy. This is some of the best energy healing material I have ever studied. Thank You.” JR