Bring Your Dreams To Life

After many years of “connecting-the-dots” what has emerged for me is a new picture of reality where The Universe is a Dream Machine and you were born to bring your dreams to life.

I ask you to suspend dis-belief and explore the possibility that “there might be another way…”

This book is designed to be a handbook for freedom to allow you to express your true self, to let your light shine and be luminous. The Universe Is A Dream Machine but sometimes we don’t believe it, that’s why our dreams can’t come true. What a beautiful gift: “What you Believe is what you get.”

I believe we are living in the midst of a universal love story. It’s time to awaken to the possibilities for self-development, prosperity and the achievement of joy and happiness. Are you aware of the powerful gift you have been given: the creative power within your own mind?

The Universe is a Dream Machine

In The Universe is a Dream Machine, Lin Oliver has captured the essence of the sages: no action, thought, or feeling goes unnoticed in the universe. The rules of the universe are quite simple: what manifests in our world of experience is what we believe to be true. This is the true Law of Attraction. What shows up in your life may or may not be what you want, intend, or even consciously think. Never-the-less, if something shows up in your life the energy of your being has attracted it.

You are the center of your universe. If you want to change your life you must change how you look at and react to the things and people in your life. Forgiveness is an effective and gentle way to be kind to yourself and others, to let go of upsets, and to change your life.
Dr. Kurt Ebert, Developer of the Attractor Field Techniques (AFT)

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Why Change Beliefs?

“Neuroscience reveals that we only operate our life 5 percent of the time with our conscious creative mind, while we operate our life 95 percent of the time with the habits in our subconscious mind. So while we think we are running our lives, we are actually often creating life with invisible programs acquired from others. When we understand this, it changes life for all of us. We are all very powerful beings and have an opportunity to create a life filled with health, happiness and love.”  Bruce H. Lipton, PhD author of The Biology of Belief

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of The Universe is a Dream Machine