We are the Architects of a New Era & New Economy

Use the power of technology to bring your dreams to life; both inner technology and digital technology.

Uplift, Heal & Prosper in a new paradigm of independence & self-sufficiency.

Take control of your own economy with a New Mindset & New Business:

New Mindset to embrace new opportunities and release “Industrial age thinking” resistance and the beliefs that block or sabotage your success.

“Mindset is everything in life.” Chris Oliver

New Business to launch your own virtual, online business.

Digital Skills Development + Inspiration + Courage to THRIVE!

Jobs No Longer Work

Jobs no longer work to provide security for our families. We now have a two-tier system with under-employment, part-time, temporary, precarious employment, zero hour contracts, etc.  The report on The Decent Jobs Deficit: The Human Cost of Zero-Hours Working in the UK  (pdf)  shows the state of affairs in the United Kingdom.

Job security is a thing of the past, jobs are disappearing and the robot revolution is coming.

A study by Oxford University in 2013 on The Future of Employment (pdf) found that computerization in all its forms would put 47 per cent of all American jobs at risk.

As Harvard academic Justin Reich, an expert on the impact of technology, put it:
“Robots and AI will increasingly replace routine kinds of work – even the complex routines performed by artisans, factory workers, lawyers and accountants. “I’m not sure that jobs will disappear altogether, though that seems possible. But the jobs that are left will be lower paying and less secure than those that exist now.”

The Marriage of Inner Technology with Digital Technology

“After nineteen years as an IT professional and a lifetime study of consciousness and mind, body and spirit wellness I published my book “The Universe is a Dream Machine”  and launched The Luminous Living Academy to share transformational tools and technology for you and your family to THRIVE! in this new era.

My vision is a world that works for all to THRIVE!

Imagine our world with more than 7 billion people having the opportunity to bring their dreams to Life?
What a wonderful world that would be!”
Lin Oliver

Lin Oliver is a Consciousness Coach and Soul Medicine Specialist.  Lin also has a broad range of technical skills with over nineteen years experience as an IT professional in a variety of roles; digital strategist, marketing technologist, online business manager, systems administrator, database administrator, help desk analyst, software trainer and IT project manager.

Please get in touch if I can help you to make the leap to love your life.

I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful women to help bring their dreams to life:

Lin Oliver was an exceptional source of support, knowledge, creative ideas and patience as I worked on launching my website. I recommend Lin’s services as she offers an amazing blend of technical savvy combined with in-depth wisdom on people empowerment and mind-body-spirit wellness.” E. Soltis

“Lin Oliver is truly a gift to the holistic community. Her passion alone for the highest good of all is unmatched in my experience. Add to that an incredible store of computer, technical and marketing knowledge. For those seeking direction in their business I highly recommend Lin’s services. She truly shares in the joy of your success.” C. Danielis

“Thank you for being a wonderful facilitator/Teacher on such a huge, complex modality. I so appreciated how you read our body language and guided us through what we need to be doing… jumping off the diving board. Your years of training and simplifying this complex stuff will be so useful to your clients, in a world that is information overload. Thank you too for the little “gratitude” book. First entry will be Lin Oliver’s Luminous Living!! Abundant blessings.” J. Neil

“Your Luminous Living course is an amazing resource. As I continue to study and apply the tools you teach, I have experienced a shift in my life energy. This is some of the best energy healing material I have ever studied. Thank You.” JR





Be Luminous. Be Brilliant. Be Uniquely You.

Let Your Light Shine!

“The Light in You is what the Universe longs to behold.”
~ A Course in Miracles ~
Lesson 156