The Field

The Field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Albert Einstein


In the above quotation Albert Einstein is saying that the underlying energy, “The Field” is responsible for shaping the material world of particles, which includes your body: The Field + Frequency = Form.

“Everything is Energy” and yet that knowledge has not made it’s way into our daily lives.

With his famous equation E= mc² Albert Einstein proved that when you come right down to it everything in the universe is energy and information.

Until now we have been working at the level of the physical, the particles, iron-filings or effect, when the level of cause is in The Field.

Humanity is now at a turning point and it is time to awaken and embrace our full potential, to show up fully and express our gifts and talents.  Imagine if 7 billion people had the opportunity to bring their dreams to life and express their true Self?

Discover the power within you to transform your life. When we change, we change the world.

Let’s co-create a world that works for all to THRIVE!

“The universe does not work in the ways that we have been taught.
It is time to awaken and to learn the truth.” R.K. Ebert, PhD founder of AFT

“Conventional medicine works with the iron filings, whereas a deeper form
of healing would attempt to influence the magnetic field.  Most doctors don’t
see the field, so they’re trying to figure out the relationship between the filings
without even trying to incorporate the energy field in which they exist.”

Bruce Lipton, PhD

“Beliefs are the determinants of what one experiences.
There are no external ’causes.'”

Dr. David Hawkins